• Greeting


    We accept the change
    and make reformation continuously on developing products and technology,
    and through the reformation we’ll become the enterprise which leads the future of display equipment & material field.

    Welcome to visit the web site of LAT(Leading Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.). In the business world of FPD(Flat Panel Display), we retain the core technology on In-Line-System S/W & H/W based on the semiconductor/LCD factory automation facility technology. Through accumulated knowhow and endless technology development, we provide total solution of automation and FPD manufacturing processing facility, such as CIM-PLC control facility

    LAT admits rapid changing environment of international & domestic market. Through endless innovation of development of product and technology, we have succeeded developing new products such as OLED Key equipments(3D Lamination, UTG(Ultra Thin Glass) Laser Cutting), parts & materials(Electroforming Metal Mask) and etc. And through the R&D, we’ll expand our business area in the future with the innovation.

    In order to complete the mission “design specialty company, of which it’s value is recognized by the customers”, LAT aims core values such as top priority on customer, pursuing expertise, responsible coordination and initiation of the change.

    To become “The leading company of OLED core-facility market within next 5 years” and “the leader of display facility and material compound industry within next 10 years”, through stable marketing of existing products, endless R&D of new products and developing new market, we pursue will expansion of LAT consistently.

    In the future, to expand as “the leading company of display facility and material industry”, and to become “display equipment and material specialty company, of which it’s value is recognized by the customers”, LAT’s executives and employees will do their best.

    Thank you very much.

    Heung-Hwan Kim, CEO
    LAT(Leading Advanced Technology) Co., Ltd.