• Employment Opportunity

    01Employment Opportunity(open, all times)

    Employment Area ( Design, Control& Electric, Manufacturing)

  • Machine Tool Design

    Experienced or New Person for LCD/OLED Display Equipment design

  • Electric System Design

    CIM/PLC Programming, Electric Design, New or Experienced

  • Display Manufacturing Equipment and It’s Set-Up

    Experienced Person for LCD/OLED Display Equipment Manufacturing and Set-Up

  • Recruiting Procedure

  • On-Line Email Application

    Only On-line/email applications are accepted. For the open recruiting, when positions are filled, we notify it at our web-site

  • screening of application documents

    Considering major field and experience, each candidate who passed the screening of application documents will be notified individually.

  • job interview

    There are two interviews, i.e. work-level interview and executive interview. And they may be conducted concurrently.

  • Final Pass

    Final successful Candidate will be notified within a week