• UTG Laser Cuting System

    03UTG Laser Cuting System


    UTG Laser Cuting System

    UTG Laser Cutting

    UTG-(Ultra Thin Glass) is an ultra thin glass material used for Display Pannel Cover Window. It’s extremely thin and the thickness is approximately less than 30㎛~50㎛.
    Comparing existing PI Film, it’s very hard and it has scratch-resistant glass material characteristics, However, utilizing it’s flexible folding capability and high transparency, it has characteristics of enhancing usability and product design.
    Especially, to reduce internal stress of folding area, more precision cutting technology is required. For the reason, we adopt the laser technology and guarantee better quality than using existing technology

    Laser Technology


    Products UTG
    Process Laser Glass Cutting
    Cell Size 70 x 165(mm) T.B.D
    Cell Thickness 30 ~ 100㎛
    Tact Time About 10Sec T.B.D
    Chipping Size >3 ㎛