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    05Core value and code of practice

    LAT Core value and code of practice
  • Customer is top priority

    Keep the promise with customers and establish reliability.

    To prevent recurrence of customer complaint, prepare for the solution of the potential problem and solve it in advance.

    Continue quality improvement activities.

    Provide the best quality and service to customers.

  • Pursuing Professionalism

    Always strive to do self-development and intend to be an expert.

    Improve language power, work quality and expertise systematically in company or department wise.

    For the improvement of ability, communicate between department head and department member actively.

    Endeavor R&D for future advancement.

  • Responsible coordination

    Think on your opponent’s stance, and respect each other.

    Avoid unpleasant talk or action, use beautiful word with bright look.

    Cooperate each other to achieve mutual goal.

    Within or between the departments, always practice admiration and appreciation.

  • Initiate the change

    Become the owner of your job voluntarily.

    Practice company’s vision, mission and core value positively.

    Avoid negative thinking, but , positive thinking and language.

    Always accept the change, and pursue continuous innovation on product and expertise.